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Anti-Aging Skin Consultation in Beverly Hills, CA

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We would like to welcome you to ZO Skin Centre® in Beverly Hills, CA and we are thrilled that you are seeking anti-aging treatments for the health of your skin. During our anti-aging consultation, we will ask you specific questions about your lifestyle, what products you have used on your face in the past, your medical history, and perform an examination of your skin. At ZO Skin Centre®, we can tell you the whole story about your skin. 

Once we have performed this consultation, we can help you age more gracefully with wrinkle and fine line reduction treatments, provide you with products that will properly nourish your skin by its specific type and conditions, and help prevent detrimental sun damage. All of our ZO® Skin Health regimens and therapies for your facial skin will help you preserve and cultivate a soft, well-hydrated, and more youthful looking skin appearance.

About Anti-Aging Conditions 


As we age, we develop wrinkles when our skin loses its elasticity either from aging, genetics, fluctuations in weight, dehydrated skin, smoking, habitually sleeping on your face, sun damage, or environmental damage. Wrinkles can make you appear to look older than your truly are, tired, or angry no matter what your age or gender. We can assess your wrinkles to find a treatment or procedure to help decrease the appearance of them.


You may not have deep wrinkles, folds, or creases on your skin. However, at a certain age, you may start to see fine lines around your mouth or at the corners of your eyes. Many men and women prefer to have their skin assessed before their lines form into moderate-to-severe wrinkles. 

Skin Imperfections

For those of us who were not born with flawless skin, we can expect to see some level of skin imperfections on our face, chest, and hands before the age of 40. During your anti-aging skin evaluation, we will examine your conditions like facial scars (from injury or acne), age spots, dark circles, and uneven skin tone.

Skin Irregularities

Skin irregularities observed in your anti-aging consultation will also be included in your treatment planning. These may present as skin lesions, large pores, blocked pores, problematic textures, chronic skin infections that will not go away on their own, and much more. We can also make recommendations on what to do about areas of your skin that may be precursors to skin cancer or other pathologies.

Best Candidates

Don't let your age prevent you from protecting it from the signs of aging. Men and women from all over the world have anti-aging consultations as early as their twenties. Young adults seeking consultations want to ward off wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, and sun damage. Older adults generally consult with us to correct or decrease the appearance of what the aging process has brought to their skin. Whatever age group you fall into, we can assess your skin on how to protect it and keep it looking soft, healthy, and smooth. We look forward to creating a skin care treatment plan that will improve your skin and help you maintain your results.

We may offer candidates some of the following treatments:

  • At-home ZO® Skin Care
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Custom ZO® Facial Treatments
  • Custom ZO® Peels
  • Injectable wrinkle relaxers
  • Dermal fillers
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Age Elegantly

If you would like to enhance your skin to look younger or even prevent early aging of your skin's appearance, we can customize a treatment plan for you at the ZO Skin Centre®. Our team of medical aestheticians can provide you with valuable information about minimal or aggressive skin care treatments to help your skin age elegantly. We will guide your selection of treatments based on your needs for anti-aging treatment. Taking care of your skin is a vital role in keeping it healthy, firm, and refreshed. Please call and schedule a time to have a 30 – 45-minute skin health consultation in our Beverly Hills, CA office.

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